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History Department

he NOW Academy History department is focused on teaching social justice and the people's struggle for equality through the lens of history. Students will identify the evolution of human rights throughout our history from Ancient times to the modern era. Critical thinking skills and geography are tools used to explore themes of oppression and resistance.
The American ideals of democracy, equality, opportunity, rights and liberty are analyzed and critiqued throughout exploring its history. Has America lived up to the ideals outlined in the Declaration of Independence? Students will analyze our progress and shortcomings, and evaluate their own role in shaping America's future. Particular attention is spent analyzing race and culture and their effects on policy decisions.
The social studies team promotes activism, civic awareness and participation in the democratic process for students. Our goal is to prepare students to evaluate and interpret news sources, participate in the democratic process, and become engaged citizens. We hope to prepare students with the tools to resist change when they see injustice - and empower them to support and advocate for human rights.
The social studies team is always looking for field trip chaperones and guest speakers interested in sharing their experiences.